1800 Coconut Tequila

Wu-Tang Interview and Various Invite-Only Influencer Tasting & Seeding Events

In 2013, 1800 Tequila had the luxury of being one of the leading brands of tequila in the spirits industry. What they did lack was an effective way to introduce their new Coconut flavored tequila to the high-end, urban couture market that generally preferred the other leaders in the tequila industry, such as Cuervo and Patron, rather than 1800; and, preferred vodka to be the only flavored spirit of choice.

To solve this, 1800 Coconut Tequila was secured as the feature drink of an exclusive event curated by him and one of his partners, PNC Radio. With over 300,000 followers across its social media platform, this event presented a prime opportunity to showcase this new production to over thirty of New York’s top young influencers in entertainment industry.

The event was a sit-down interview with legendary Wu-Tang rapper, Raekwon that brought out a number of tastemakers and influencers who were given an opportunity to try this new flavor. The event was documented in a wrapup video that 1800 Tequila was able to use in inter-office presentation and a tool to show potential accounts of how well the product is reacting in the market.

He also was also able to secure 1800 Coconut Tequila as a sponsor for various invite-only influencer tasting & seeding events, including, NOLCHA New York Fashion Week After-Parties, NBA Draft parties and Monday Night Football Networking and Charity viewing events, which were attended and hosted by various professional athletes and celebrities.