Offering a suite of creative, corporate and institutional services, he delivers every client both cost efficient and effective solutions

What He Does

Brand Strategy

  • Strategic Cultural Integration
  • Public Relations
  • Digital PR/ Non-Traditional PR
  • Social Media Amplification
  • Event Production
  • Email Marketing
  • Street Team
  • Paid/Earned Media
  • Logo/Product Redesign

Artist Development

  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Curated Campaigns
  • Record Pool Servicing
  • Music Licensing
  • Music Publishing
  • Digital Media Production
  • Online Digital Distribution
  • Royalty Administration

Influencer Engagement

  • Influencer Seeding
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Product Testimonials
  • Product Endorsement
  • Paid Appearance/Hosting
  • Social Media Messaging/Sponsored Ads
  • Paid/Earned Media

He utilizes his extensive network of cultural ambassadors, tastemakers, and influencers to establish brand loyalty recognition.